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intensity is still relatively small

"These complaints mostly not indexed by search engines value the complaint did not describe the site, in order to improve the efficiency of the treatment of the problem, this part of the invalid complaints we will not reply one by one in the complaint platform." This equivocation webmaster to said it was equal to say anything, without any reference reference. I think Baidu can do, such as complaints 1000 Website What percentage content factors down the right, what percent outside the chain down the right, What percentage of cheating down the right, so that those complaints webmaster at a reference factors go to down right in front of their own website to do next station becomes effortless, such as Baidu or webmaster or win-win situation. I hope Baidu able to make further efforts in this regard, the I waited Caomin not expect the level apology treatment Ma, do not ask the God level Liuhuan Bin behalf of encounter, just to the site is down right dead that.   Traffic jams like Ma late governor committed to blocking rule, a lot of media coverage, including the People's Daily. Why would the hotspot it? Celebrity + public topic? Blocking rule after five years, which is impossible to achieve! After five years, as well as media and then track it? I see difficult! Baidu is true, in fact, I do not want webmaster to Baidu fight for fair and just think that Baidu should be more open, this situation has changed from June 28 last year. We can see that Baidu each major algorithm upgrades will prior notice to the owners, and those owners also know that their own website is how. If you really do not have illegal operations mentioned Baidu announcement inside, you go to complaints. Do not ignore it is not their own websites, just down the right you go to complaints, to complain of luck with this mentality, this is no sense, and will increase the intensity of Baidu staff. Website is really a problem, from their own site should first review the first, if the real problem, it improved believe Baidu will also give you a chance. .   Baidu side should be more open, the current investment intensity is still relatively small, many owners said the complaint is also nonsense, basically that nothing was done, no echo. Baidu should later put the number of cases, not only put a few simple accidental injury site, you should also put some of the more typical cheating site who cheat or unreasonable factors are listed. Owners are convinced, and so also for the owners of the station, more explicit instructions. Rather than superficial put thirty-five site did not say clearly addressing the causes.